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Automatic Gantry type Case Carton Palletizer

Palletizer is the carton has been loaded into the container, according to a certain arrangement on the pallet (wood, plastic), automatic stacking, stacking multiple layers, and then automatically delivered to the real station, convenient for forklift truck to warehouse storage. The equipment adopts imported PLC+ touch screen control, to achieve intelligent operation and management, simple and easy to master, and convenient adjustment of various forms of grouping. It can greatly reduce the labor force and reduce the labor intensity, and improve the management level of the production line.

Adopt the concept of high speed, stable and space saving design. The use of separate tray, faster, more space saving. A multi-purpose machine, rapid adjustment, can be used for a variety of specifications of products palletizing.

Scope of application: carton, transfer frame, heat shrink film packaging products palletizing.
  • MARS

  • 842230

Product Description

1. Equipment composition

1.1 Carton box conveyor system,1 set

including: Acceleration separator 1500mm

1.2 Marshalling station,1 set

1.3 Palletizing machine ,1 set

1.4 Pallet separator ,1 set

1.5 Pallet conveyor, 1 set

Including: pallet bin 1800mm 2 section, palletization section 2400mm 1 section, pallet storage section 1500mm 1 section, pallet storage section 1620mm 1 section

1.6 Control cabinet, 1 set

1.7 Operating platform (man-machine operating screen), 1 set

1.8 Safety door device, 1 set

2. Technical parameter



Production capacity

30-40Cartons/Min(palletizing speed is related to the size of the pallet, the direction of the width and narrowness of the box, the size of the carton and the form of the grouping of each layer)

Mode of operation

human-computer interface

Maximum load

per layer


Maximum load

per pallet


Maximum stack height

1750mm(including pallet height)

Power supply

3 phase, 5 wires, AC 380V/50HZ,15KW

Control voltage

DC 24V

Air consumption


Air pressure

6-8KG/ CM2

Air tube size


Gas consumption


Overall dimension


Total weight


Environmental conditions

Altitude: 3 ~ 2000 meters above sea level

Ambient temperature :0 °C to 40 ° C

Humidity: 40% to 95%


for pallet

1), Maximum pallet size: L×W×H=1300×1200×150 (mm)

2), Minimum size of the pallet: L×W×H=1000×1000×150 (mm)

3) The pallet is stacked up and down neatly, mainly in the form of Chuan font, field font and other forms, and the material can be iron, plastic, wood and so on

4) The long side of the pallet shall have a fork hole for dividing the stack.

5) The pallet shall ensure that it can be smoothly transported on the roller


material requirements

1) Product weight requirements, single combination ≤12kg, layer weight ≤260kg

2) Applicable production line height :1050mm or 750mm, stack height :550mm.

3) Size requirements of product combination (when the wide side goes into the box) :

Length 170mm≤ L ≤500mm

Width 170mm≤ W≤ 400mm

Height 50mm≤ H≤ 340mm

Technical Parameter

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