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Automatic Liquid nitrogen Filling Dosing Sprayer Machine for PET Bottle Water Oil

1.Use: can/bottle beverage production line

2.Fuction:liquid nitrogen doing

3.10um filter
  • YDJ-300

  • MARS

  • 842230

Product Description

Tin cans are gradually replaced by aluminum cans, plastic cans, but alumium can and plastic must be add pressure, to make the body not deformation, liquid nitrogen injection is an ideal solution, when the liquid nitrogen tank volume expansion after gasification 700 times, can be formed in the tank after put the air out of the vacuum, also can increase the jar inner pressure, keep while prolong the shelf life of tank storage rounded appearance and convenient transportation. My company reference, draw lessons from foreign advanced equipment, developed this product to fill the blank of the industry.

Can accurately control the liquid nitrogen quantity, the product has no container no nitrogen filling, Siemens PLC programming control and touch screen control system, set a simple convenient and easy to understand, compact appearance, easy installation can cooperate with any production line, the whole line adopts vacuum liquid nitrogen thermal insulation pipe, to ensure maximum minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen, no great operating environment.

Working conditions

1. Liquid nitrogen supply: 15 (0.1MPa) with liquid nitrogen to mouth connection.

2. Compressed air or nitrogen: used to supply the refill valve work. Need to fell "diameter, pressure range 50-100 psig (3.4 to 6.9 bar). Set pressure 50 psig (0.35MPa), great impact pressure setting is too high, and is not conducive to refill valve core and internal vacuum pipe life.

Technical Parameter

Filling  heads


Production  speed


Suitable can size


Motor power




Control  voltage

24V,  DC/AC

Overall  dimension


Net  weight