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Beer Bottle Rotary Wet Glue Labeling Machine

Product Description

1.    Wrap-around labeling machine can affix labels with cold glue exactly, The wrap-around labeling machine can cut the labels and apply them to the container automatically. It is capable of handling paper labels.

2. Suitable product: glass, plastic, metal containers, or round, oval, rectangular,square and polygon containers

3. Function:
Cutting the film labels and paper labels, apply the labels to the bottles with cold glue.

4. Machine Description:
Rotary labeling method; Cutting, conveying and gluing the labels precisely. Simple and flexible control system; Reducing wastage of glue. 5.Equipped with pneumatic glue feeding pump and no label alarming device.

Main Technical Parameter

Model: JTB8-5-4

Production capacity: 3,000-12,000BPH

Suitable bottle diameter: 50-90mm

Suitable bottle height: 150-300mm

Paper label width: 50-130mm

Consume Label Rate: <1%

Gas source pressure: 0.35-0.5MPa

Gas consumption: 0.9m3/min

Main motor power: 3KW

Overall Dimension: 1800x1400x2000 mm

Weight: 2500Kg