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Double Heads Sleeve Labeling Machine(SLD-200)

Product Description

Double heads sleeve labeling machine feature:

1. Advanced technology: Japan-made motor controls synchronous cutting system to ensure long use life of cutting tool and high precision label. Highly effective production speed: 400-bottles/per minute (standard bottle) It can work with the production line or just work alone.

2. Label-controlling sensor shelf

3. Elastic choice: The machine head can be leaned to fit round bottle, square bottle, elliptic bottle, top of bottle and body of bottle. The latest double material-providing system is applied to change material alternately with less time.

4. Automatic cutting tool positioning system: Search and position automatically by touching the screen.

5. A unique synchronous cutting base: The cutting base does not need changing within the range of specification. If the specification needs changing, it can be done within two minutes.

6. Simple and safe operation: A colored people-controlling operation is used with both English and Chinese versions on it. It do not need to watching when working. An alarm instrument is installed.

7. Low-consumption maintenance cost: Low-cost abandoned blade for easy change

8. Long use life of cutting tools: Steel-connecting transmission mechanism, reciprocating cutting and prolonged use life.