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Automatic Carton Packing Machine(ZX-10)

The machine is made according to abroad advanced technology, with our company design and manufacturing. It is Frame type packing machine with compact structure, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, stable running, easy operation. Cantilever flexible work, the frequency conversion motor drive, smooth operation
Product Description

1. Equipped with safety protection device made of meet national standards.
2. The side in bottle way: cover an area of an area small, simplify packing machine before the conveying system, reduce the whole line equipment investment cost
3. The swing arm structure: structure more reasonable advanced, action more compact smoothly, power consumption is lesser also
4. The level 4 decompression (into the bottle of conveyor belt conveyor belt speed difference level with front pressure pneumatic stop bottles of level 1 decompression conveyor belt at the end of a cylinder pressure level 2) : product fully reduced pressure, that grabs the head and product registration accurate, grabs the successful rate was 100%; After packing products to enter the process without pressure in smooth conveying state, basic put an end to pour bottle phenomenon
5.With the German IGUS linear positioning system: higher precision sports action accurate, effectively reduce the impact of the equipment operation and vibration, and greatly improve the stability and reliability of equipment operation; Avoid lubrication free maintenance, health condition is good, service life long.

Main Technical Parameter

Production   capacity


Packing   type

carton   box

Suitable   bottle diameter


Packing   layer

1   layer

Machine   size




Compressed   air

0.6MPa,   30L/MIN