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Grape Wine Rinsing Filling Corking Machine

Product Description

Grape Wine Rinsing Filling Corking Machine


1.    It integrates bottle washing filling, cork inserting into one machine of the unit. Compact structure is compact, appearance is beautiful, it is key equipment of the grape wine automatic packaging line.

2.Saving working space and reducing potential pollution during transfer because of combining bottling and corking together.

3. filling and cork inserting are driven by one main motor, through the gear transmission ensures that each unit synchronization between operation, users can adjust the filling and cork inserting speed freely.

4. This machine safety protection system is reliable. workbench upper are protected by the entire stainless steel frame and organic glass door .

5. Safety protection device is equipped in bottle inlet star-wheel, when the abnormal situation (such as fall bottles of coarse bottle etc) machine can automatically stop, the operation panel display appear the orientation of the problem, it is easy to find problems.

6. The unique structure design. Filling machine bottle support parts use elastic mechanism. reducing the bottle broken, filling valve filling speed is fast, cork inserting machine’s cork unscrambling, feeding, shrinking and pressing are continuous. No bottle ,no cork feeding.

7. All parts contact with material are made of high quality stainless steel, it is easy for disinfecting and washing, and assure the machine use life.

Main Technicial Parameter:

1. Model: GCP16-16-1

2. Capacity: 2000-2000B/H

3. Height: 200-350mm

4. Bottle Dia: 50-100mm

5. Suitable cork: φ 22-24mm H: 40-50mm

6. Power: 5Kw

7. Weight: 3000Kg

8. Overall dimension: 3000× 1420× 2500mm


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