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PET Bottle Air Conveyor

Product Description

PET Bottle Air Conveyor

This conveyor system is designed for PET bottle conveying.

Air channel uses stainless steel 304 and holding rail adopts imported HDPE macromolecule material, featuring bottle stability, non-jam, non-lock and so on. HEPA filter is installed on fan inlet, avoiding dust blowing into bottles.

Main character

  1. Except support arm etc. which are made of plastic or risen material, other parts are made of SUS304

  2. Air blower is settled with air filter to prevent dust coming into the bottle.

  3. There is an adjustable joint settled in air conveyor. Do not have to adjust the height of unscrambled and air conveyor to meet the demand of different bottle, only adjust the height of bottle inlet.

  4. There is a block bottle clear device driven by cylinder. When bottle block in the inlet, it clear the bottle automatic, this can avoid breaking the parts of unscramble.

  5. There is a photoelectric switch settled in the bottle inlet, when the bottle is detected, unscramble stop. When the bottle leave the switch, unscramble run again.