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Plastic Bottle CO2 Laser Date Printer

  • JP-C30

  • MARS

Product Description

Laser date printer(JP-C30):

-Compact design and fast installation

-Easy to be integrated at any position of the production line -Original design, small size and lightweight, equiped with a small table or mounting bracket with the use of production line

-More further environmental protection and energy saving -Un-contact processing, more environmental protection, lower power, fast laser marked

-Easy to use and Excellent compatibility

-Simplicity of operation, easy to use, powerful anti-jamming performance, enough memory, multiply input and output interface, use with automatical anti-counterfeit and anti-disorder system

-Adopt import laser, more safer and faster APPLICATIONS Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Electronic Component, Pharmaceuticals, ceramic wares, Automobile part, Electrical Wire, Cable, Arts and Crafts, Rubber LASER CO2 Metal RF laser Power: 10W High-speed, stable performance, adjustable power, applicable to most of nonmetal material Carve and cut product very convenience, depth could be adjustable Operate Interface -Configure with laptop

1) Refrigerate Style: Air-cooled, Water-cooled
2) Wave length: 10.6mm
3) Line Width: 0.02mm
4) Depth: 0.04mm (up to the material)
5) Industrial Controller: Industrial control computer
6) Print Content: Character, logo, barcode, two-dimension code, image, graphics, DOT mosaic
7) Operating Range: Embeded many kinds of laser marked font, automatical serial number, Can be static and dynamic operation, automatic input with time and date change

8) Information Input: Keyboard, USB, serial data communication
9) Interface: Ethernet, USB, RS232
10) Focus: Standard focus 110mm, 70 to 250mm optional
11) Pipelining Speed: 150M per minute
12) Protection: Host optics closed, dust proof
13) Work Conditions: 5-50 centigrade, humidity below 95% Non condensing
14) Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 1000W