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Shrink wrapper with tray auto insertion machine

The machine is a drop type packing machine, which combined with auto-array

conveyor, auto-transport paper sheet function, auto packing function, auto sealing

tray and conveying output function. The product is delivered onto the paper sheet

after arrangement by arraying mechanism, and then the paper sheet is folded,

sprayed glue, sealed and formed, finishing the package process. The machine is

suitable for the formed and regular shape tray. The machine can match with

production line, with reliable performance and wide application range, is suitable for

various industries. etc.
Product Description

Machine features:

l Glue can be filled easily

l The processing of machine is robust

l This tray packer is suitable for a lot of different bottle size

l Adjustment can be finished by handle

l Alarm, if the tray magazine is empty

l Speed will adjust automatically

l Tray magazine with a feeding conveyor

l High efficiency and energy saving

l Easy maintenance

Working Process

Firstly, tray is sucked by sucker from the temporary storage, then transmitted to the

packing area by belt conveyor. Meanwhile the product is transmitted by its conveyor

line, and then conveyed onto the tray after being organized by the array unit. The tray

mechanism descends, station conveyor line keeps transporting the product which has

been installed in the package. Then through the spraying glue mechanism, front

cover folding mechanism, left & right cover folding mechanism, and shaping

mechanism, it finished sealing the tray. This moment the whole packing process is

finished, then the package is delivered out.

Main Technical Parameter

Basic information

Working speed


Transport speed


Power supply

380V, 50Hz, 16A, 3KW

Air pressure

5-7 kg/cm2

Working height


Cutter Material

tool steel, with   Teflon

width of cutter

750mm heater 2pcs,   800W every piece

sealing Time

< 1.5 sec. / cycle

Sealing temperature

150-280 oC

Film type

PE film

Film thickness


Shrinkage ratio

30-40% Transverse,   longitudinal 60-70%

Packaging object

Carton or goods with   tray

Machine size


tunnel size


Machine weight

270kg, tunnel 650kg



environment condition

Humidity ≤98%, temperature0-40℃