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Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor

Product Description

Product description:

1.    Roller conveyor: professional design used for transportation of carbon box or plastic boxes.

2.    Structure: according to the drive mode can be divided into power rolling coneyor and non-power roller conveyor. According to layout form can be divided into horizontal type roller conveyor, inclined roller conveyor and turning roller conveyor.

3.    Modular design, the effective width of 418 mm, can also according to customer requirements, with other special specification.

4.    To provide adequate storage box buffer between packing and palletizing.

Technical Feature:

1.    The roller conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, convenient in operation and maintenance.

2.    The accumulation roller and compulsory roller spacing installation to reduce the number of cases between extrusion, avoid deformation of the box. The box accumulation of buffer can be realized.

3.     Easy to join transition between roller conveyor.